Anonymous said: Could you start a mythology network? Because you seem super knowledgable and obviously enjoy the subject. I know I'd love to join one made by you! x

can I point out the fact that I started the mythology meme tag? can I have this moment to brag? I’m doing it.

No, but what do you mean by ‘network’? I can think of a million ways that could go. Also, thank you, you’re such a darling omg!

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“The moon is always jealous of the heat of the day, just as the sun always longs for something dark and deep.”
- Alice Hoffman, Practical Magic  (via weaverofstars)
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DEAD MAN WALKING | It seemed like a good idea at the time, the immortality, the eternal youth. 

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cemeteryofskulls said: Your blog is so, so brilliant. I'm really glad I found it, and I kind of feel like everything before now has been lost time. :')

oh god, thank you so so much. this is so sweet. can I keep this? I’m keeping this. 

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“Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. I’ll choke you with the same hand I fed you with.”
- Anonymous (via palmist)
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Anonymous said: Will you be interested in writing Sun (helios) and Moon (selene) shipping stories? :D

Oh, I guess that depends! What sort of stories? For tumblr posts, or like fanfiction? I don’t really do the latter, but I could definitely try to come up with something for the former. 


On the seashore - George Elgar Hicks

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The clouds hang lower when they’re out
in the streets
you want a taste of their lives or just a small peek
the ones in leather jackets are wolves
and those in silk are nymphs
sort of gives a new meaning to “with friends like these…”

With each of their steps there’s a blow of smoke,
the meow of a cat,
and the start of a show.
Bellow the city lies the kingdom mortals fear
slaves to the magical, the furred,
and the damned.

All that is wicked goes down through the sewer
and if you want in, come on, there is room.
But never trust what vampires may say
‘cause high is the price
that you’ll have to pay.

- Evil’s Got Claim on Texas by Daniella Michalleni
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lance-the-kanto-dragon-master said: Hi! I just stumbled across your blog today and love it already! I've been looking for a blog just like this for a long time. Do you know of any similar blogs to yours that I could follow? Thanks!

Thank you so much! This is actually a question I’ve been getting a lot (there’s at least four other messages like this) here by anons, so… well, I’m not sure if they’re all exactly similar, but these are blogs I really like and are usually heavy on mythology and playlists. If not, they’re just awesome: facina-oris (recent fave), ophelies, okayophelia, sarahtaylorgibson, mythosies, mythologicalfiles (mostly reblogs), renaissancemadonna, cecaelias, and grringirl.

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When God created his angels he did not mean
to make divinely cruel urban monsters who
stalk back alleys and lurk in the shadows.

Michael breathes out smog and a Bowie knife
is clutched in his hand. He uses it for fun.
Raphael’s grin glints gold in the amber lighting:
angels live for war.

They all move as a unit. In Heaven
they were called a garrison.
Here, they are a gang.

On the other side of town is Lucifer,
pressing hasty kisses on Lillith’s neck in a
dirty restroom. Her lipstick is sin-red and smudged.

Hell is a dusty dive bar, the Throne
a battered bar stool and Lucifer reigns triumphant.
He rules the south side and tomorrow he will
battle Michael tooth and nail for the west.

God gave his angels form
and they did the rest.

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"My poor mother

begged for a sheep

but raised a wolf.”

// for girls with razor sharp claws and golden rings adorned on their fingers; the scrapes on your knees from praying ooze time and time again, but it doesn’t matter, no, it doesn’t matter because you no longer weep for your wounds. you do not weep because you are stronger than that. you are the wolf hidden among the sheep. [listen[how todownload]

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“Death was sweet; it smelled of wine and it stroked her hair.”
- Paulo Coelho, Veronika Decides to Die
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Anonymous said: this blog is beautiful, from your posts to your theme to you!

oh wow thank you!

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