what would the devil’s daughter wear » the term “hell on heels” didn’t come about until after she was conceived. she’s her father’s glory without the fall, and dominates the mortal world in leather jackets, graphic messages, and spikes. blessed — or shall we say damned — with a body that borders perfection, the child of sin isn’t afraid to expose it or use it against those whose morals don’t match hers. she runs with demons, goes to mass in short skirts, and as any good girl should, pledges allegiance to her daddy.

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Anonymous: Your hair does look nice! Have a good day :)

Thank you!

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i think my hair looks nice today

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fake mythological movie meme » richard armitage as hades, in la recherche du hadès

When the Gods are at war, everything that happens to Earth is simply a side effect; something that cannot be helped, but result in the greater good. Distracted in battle and tricked by an unknown deity, Hades left the Underworld unguarded, giving the souls that reside there the chance to escape. And so they did. The dead found their way to freedom, and coming to Earth, the damned creatures took the bodies of innocent humans, that have no idea their form is being used as a host for people that have left this place a long time ago. A task was given to him by the olympians: Hades must find those souls, and bring them back to where they escaped from. And as a guarantee that he will conquer, Zeus took his most precious treasure as a pledge: Persephone.

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I think what people just don’t get about Lost Girl, is that it’s never been about Bo choosing between Dyson, or Lauren (or even Rainer or Tamsin now I suppose)

it’s always been about Kenzi. not in a romantic way, it goes much deeper than that. but if it came down to choosing between any of her lovers and Kenzi, don’t you ever doubt that Bo would choose her

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"If faith is too strong for you, then just believe. Believe in something you cannot prove, and in something that others might not accept. Turn your hesitations into a much greater feeling; turn it into something you’re proud to say is a part of you."

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greek mythology/myth picspam series » echo and narcissus

One could only be the reflection of other people’s words, and the other could only pay attention to one reflection: his own. None could conquer what they wished for, the love of someone untouchable. Love and grief, when combined, kill the victim slowly, without mercy. Echo’s spirit will talk back to those who visit the mountain where she once lived until the end of days, and those who wander the lake will swear they could see someone staring back at them.

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For the greatest tragedy of them all 
Is never to feel the burning light.

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The garden leaves embraced Persephone as she made her way through the roses to the sunflowers, to the lilies waiting at the end of her way. The daughter of Zeus and Demeter could be nothing but in love with nature, and her afternoons were not wasted anywhere else but at her garden, where her mother keep her, away from “the ones who wanted her so badly,” she said. But who would want someone like Persephone? She was no one special. She loved flowers, she loved warm breeze against her skin, but she was no one. She knew nothing of the world, and if the gates to the world below were kept close, she never would.

When asked if she was happy, however, she complied. Why would she turn her beloved mother’s smile upside down? It would do no good. But as the sun died every night to let the moon live for her limited hours, Persephone wasted her sleep thinking about the possibilities and the things that could never be. Always vouch for the impossible, her friend Artemis always said. It was easy for her to say. With a bow and arrow in hands and bravery in her chest, everything came easy. Artemis was a beast, a lion. She had the will, the had the power, the strength, the claws. Persephone was a flower, watered by her own tears.

The impossible awaited for her anyhow, if she wasn’t yet ready to go after it. Not even a week later, as the girl spotted a different breed of flowers just beyond the limits of her garden, her curiosity got the best of her. As she looked above her shoulder, her mother slash jailer was nowhere to be found, and in a quick move, she reached for it, but after that, she saw nothing. The branch was faulty you see, it gave out. Persephone fell along with it, deep into the darkness of the Underworld. But before she hit the ground, someone embraced her like the garden leaves did. Her eyes were already closed, she was unconscious, and for that Hades was glad. He wore his true form, and he did not want the beauty gifted to him by nature to see him that way. His skin was raw and pale, horns came out of the sides of his head, like a true damned creature that should never be granted to see the light. But there he was, holding light itself in his arms. It was love at first sight, he couldn’t know  how he was able to tell, or how someone like him was even capable of such a feeling, but he knew it.

Persephone moved, not much, but she moved. At ease, Hades commanded that his servants took her to the best room available, that they gave her the best treatment, to show Persephone the kingdom that might as well be hers. And so they did. She woke up to fabulous meals, to countless dresses waiting for her to pick from, and nameless servants who were there only to please and obey. Not for a moment she thought about her mother or the flowers she was so used to; this was unknown territory, all she had dreamed of. The two servants — who she decided to simply call one and two — showed her everything that there was to be seen. The rivers, the mountains, the never ending stairs, even the throne that was empty as she passed. She sat gracefully on the fine marble and asked, “Who does this belong to?”

The creatures hesitated, but after a second, Two answered, “To the King, my lady. The King of the Underworld.”

"I want to meet him."

One shook his head. “We can’t…”

"The moment I woke up you told me he wanted you to show me everything I asked you to. And here I am, Persephone, Daughter of Zeus and Demeter, asking you to see the one who set me free."

Meanwhile on the Earth above, the mother she once loved so deeply searched for her in every shadow of every man. Without flowers nor food growing from the ground, the mortals were dying. What an irony, you see, for the land of the dead had never been more vivid. The ending to this fairytale is what many people would expect. After much struggle Hades agreed to meet with his love, and much to his surprise, she didn’t ask to be sent back. She didn’t run, she didn’t scream. He looked like the monster her mother painted him out to be at first, but as their lips touched, she saw him the way only she could. Beauty is nothing but you make it out to be; for so long she thought of her garden as phenomenal, but now it pales it comparison to him, his kingdom, and all the possibilities that lie ahead. All she had to do was stay.

But she couldn’t.

Word around was that she would have many more people to rule if the number of the dead kept increasing. It was all her fault, their fault. She was Persephone, daughter of Zeus and Demeter— the life-bringer. She brought life to the Underworld, to Hades, and now she had to do the same for the ones above. She knew she had to go back, but this was no goodbye. The throne was theirs to share, and so was their love.

All he left her with was a promise and a fruit. “I’ll be waiting,”  and a pomegranate. 

Who could ever learn to love a beast, they always wonder. But has the question “who could ever teach a beast how to love” ever been asked out loud?

i’ll leave you for dead, sire // a mix for queens who overthrow their kings and leave paths of destruction in their wake. {listen}

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scullysdoubt-deactivated2014012: Thank you so much for the list! It took a lot of effort to gather those books and I know that many of us appreciate it! I'm afraid I came across a few problems but if it's just on my end, I'm terribly sorry! When I clicked on the first 'Succubus' book, it took me to the Eddas download. Most of the links for the Succubus series was the Succubus Dreams download. The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan is the download for Serpent's Shadow. Everything else seems to be fine though.

Oh, I’m so sorry about that! I should have checked before posting. It’s fixed now, though!

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