Everyone thinks that after the hunter killed the wolf, Little Red’s life went back to normal. Except it didn’t. A lot got lost in translation, including the fact that there was no hunter at all. Not only did the wolf tear Red’s grandmother to pieces, but he also fed the woman’s flesh back to the girl before raping her under a full moon, until her screams echoed across the village which she once thought was safe. The child of a monster was in her belly now, for that was all the wolf wanted after all. An heir. The beast kept Red locked in a cave as he run the village, destroying everything that could do his son any harm. The place was famous for their various trades, but there was only one thing that they did not sell, and that the wolf could not get his claws on, and make it harmless to the heir: silver. However, the detail escaped his mind. On the next full moon she gave birth to a creature  that was seemingly human, but once a month would turn into an unstoppable animal whose only purpose was the same as his father’s: to create more heirs. Death embraced her soon after the child’s first breath, but until this day, the full moon slaves still chant “To Ylva Red, The First Mother of Werewolves!”

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